Over the years, we’ve released some short comics and stand-alone pages. Here they are presented not in the order of release, but in chronological order.

This page is in progress. More items to come!

The comic’s fifth anniversary – and an event called ONLINE COMICS DAY 2006 – came not long after the end of Issue 5. This one-page comic happens not long after the events of Issue 5.


The Villains of Vengeance join up as part of the FLYING GLORY AND THE HOUNDS OF GLORY performance team as of Issue 7. For the comic’s tenth anniversary, we did a little piece for it that also just happened to fall on April Fool’s Day, that takes place some time after the Villains of Vengeance join the team.


Poor Eddie’s always trying to catch Krystal’s eye, but to no avail. In this one-page comic, he turns to some of his favorite manga to give him inspiration for Valentine’s Day.


Elsie won’t be part of the Flying Glory legacy forever. This one-page piece, called “Last Line Fading” (the same title as the poetic lyrics through the artwork), shows Debra’s vulnerabilities now that’s she’s totally on her own. But who’s that with her? Only time will tell…


Time has passed and now young Tammie has grown up and is graduating from university. See where she, Debra, and some other familiar faces are in “Future  Forward”…