There are various types of extra content that creators Kevin Paul Shaw Broden and Shannon Muir have done in the FLYING GLORY AND THE HOUNDS OF GLORY universe. Some are visual, as shown below, and others are short stories.

Kevin created a mini-comic telling the fictional legend of Flying Glory as it would have been sold to the public in the 1940s. This comic is actually referred to during the storyline. Take a look at it here.



To get a glimpse at what life was like for Debra’s grandmother Elsie during World War Two, take a look at this newspaper clipping style artwork set storyline-wise in 1945 (as shown in the PDF below). Kevin wrote up and drew the accompanying ‘photo’ back before the current comic existed. It still has worth in the universe that makes up our story now.


In 2004, we wondered how Flying Glory and the Hounds of Glory might translate to an animated series. If you’re curious what we were trying, you can look at a draft of the pilot below  in PDF format- enough has fundamentally changed that we couldn’t do anything remotely close to this now, primarily current characters now assuming some of the roles that were in this script in the comic, which it would then also make sense for them to be doing the same in the series. In addition, see how we changed the storyline of Issue 3 to fit the half-hour animation format. We very much would still like to bring this project to life in alternate media someday, and have seriously discussed how a direct to video/streaming movie script might work in today’s market.